At Art Academy we provide children with an education in art that has been properly developed by a qualified teacher. The children will have lots of fun and be able to use art as a tool to learn valuable skills and confidence.


Our art classes are taught by a fully qualified teacher Pippa. Before starting at Art Academy Pippa previously worked in the state and private sector. She has a passion for art and enjoys nothing more than helping children develop their individual skills and understanding of the subject.

Valerie runs Lacy Road Gallery and will often join the classes and provide the children with inspiration using art from the gallery collection.

The Space

The art studio is located inside a professional, contemporary art gallery on Lacy Road, Putney. This inspires the children who are encouraged to look at the artist’s paintings and make comparisons with their own styles. The studio itself is a bright airy room that opens onto a small courtyard where the children have their snack.